Sunday, May 20, 2012


Dare (noun):  challenge, adventure, venture

With Summer finally here, I find myself craving books.  Thank goodness I had the foresight to get a few new ones in the Spring!

Anyways, for most of the summer I will be travelling, studying, or hosting; but, this week I have just a bit of schoolwork and nothing else!  So, I am giving myself the "Book a Day" Challenge for this week!  I recently completed my Jane Austen Series collection (by Debra White Smith) with the two books I had been missing.  Those six books will be the backbone of my challenge, along with a book for my class that I hope to complete (and do the assignment for) to get it out of the way for the class.

For me, reading is a constant.  My whole life I have loved books, and I just cannot bear to part with them.  I still remember at the end of my freshman year when I tried to sell my books back, and I just could not sell them back -- and those were textbooks!  Books are friends; anytime I feel lonely or sad, I can pick up a book.  Anytime I am curious, I can find a book.  When I need an adventure or just a break from the everyday, I can jump into a book.  When I don't read, I don't grow.  When I do read, I flourish ;)

At the end of the week, I will try to update you on how I did with my challenge.  You can join me in a reading challenge, whether it's reading a book a day, a few books this week, a chapter a day, or even just picking up a book every day this week!  Reading is a great stress relief, it is easy to do, it takes little effort, and it is a healthy habit to begin.

"There's a book for that" ;)

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