Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Determination: May Update

So far this May I have accomplished...nothing.

Well, not actually nothing, but none of my apartment-versary tasks!  Though, it is crazy to remember back to a year ago in my apartment (of which I have no pictures because...well, because I didn't think about taking pictures then).

-- The day I moved in (a Tuesday), I brought a floor lamp from my dorm room, and my husband brought his couch over.  Oh, and I brought my laptop (since I was paper-writing for Finals week).
-- The first week I lived in my apartment, we had electricity set up, internet set-up, and our mattress and frame delivered.  Other that that, our apartment remained empty:  no groceries, no microwave, not even sheets for the bed!!!
-- When I moved out of my dorm room, the guys helping me (my hubby and his roommates) piled everything in the middle of the living room!  It took me 2-3 days to sort through everything...and finally buy some groceries.
-- I spent the first two weeks travelling home and back to bring furniture and supplies (like sheets for the bed).
-- I lived here alone for 6 weeks until my wedding

I look at our apartment now, which has been rearranged and fully lived in for a year.  Doug lives here with me (and I can barely remember him not living here).  We are mostly organized, clean, and sorted.  We have more than we need and way more than we started out with, thanks to the generosity of our family and friends, especially my parents (who bought our bed and guest bed, gave us furniture, bought us kitchen supplies, and financed me living here for 2 months) and my grandparents (who gave us a kitchen table and chairs, a buffet/TV stand, and lots of other supplies).

Even though I often feel like there is a lot to accomplish in this apartment, it has been so refreshing for me to think back and see how far we have come in this place and how much this tiny home means to me.

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