Sunday, October 21, 2012

Design: Weekly Goals (Oct 21-27)

As the first week in a new online class, this week will be super busy as is.  Add in Greek make-up work, a Greek Exam, and prepping for a Halloween party (next week), and this week is completely PACKED!!!

Since it is so full, I really need to be intentional about spending time with Doug, taking time to rest, and finding some time to exercise ;)

1.  Greek:  Two Quizzes, One Exam (10/24)
2.  John:  Two presentations, ~ 225 pgs of reading
3.  Essay, 400 words and replies

4.  Menu/Grocery Shopping (and Blog!)
5.  Shopping/Cleaning/Prep for Halloween Party
6.  Laundry!  Laundry!

7.  Spend time walking/doing yoga daily to regain strength/muscle
8.  Regain my normal schedule
9.  Quality Time with Doug!

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