Saturday, September 8, 2012

Design: Weekly Results (Sept 2-8)

Well, this week has had many unexpected twists and turns; hopefully next week will be a bit calmer!!!  Plus, I have a few things I need to accomplish today so I can relax and watch Steelers v Broncos tomorrow night ;)

1.  Three Greek Quizzes (vocab and noun endings)
2.  Essay (400 words) and replies to others -- doing replies right now ;)
3.  Spiritual Growth Plan Results and New Chart (due 9/9) -- doing this right after the replies ;)

4.  Menu Plan/Grocery Shopping (and blog!)
5.  Clothes Shopping (for Doug)
6.  Begin Cleaning out the Linen Closet -- nope. not going to happen soon.

7.  Consistent Afternoon Workouts (4/6 good, 5/6 great, 6/6 awesome) -- see below
8.  Choose Clothing/Pieces for the 30 by 30 Challenge -- see below
9.  Follow my Spiritual Growth Plan

So, this week went a little crazy.  I was really tired Wednesday and Thursday evenings for no apparent reason.  And I mean really tired.  Like sleeping for 8 hours at night, taking a 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day (like 3-5 PM), and still being able to fall asleep at my normal bedtime (1 AM).  Wednesday morning was extra bad; Doug had to pull me out of bed so that I could get dressed and leave on time for class.

On Friday, we found on why I was so tired.  Infection.  From a spider bite.  Now I'm all hopped up on antibiotics (which allowed me to sleep for about 11 hours overnight) and hoping that I start regaining energy to conquer this upcoming week.

So, obviously, my plans to choose clothes on Thursday were interrupted by a nap (and a haircut), and I spent most of Friday at the doctor's office, getting my prescription, and eating so I could take my antibiotics. And due to my excessive napping and other craziness, I missed W/R/F workouts.  I think I had a pretty good excuse, though.

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