Sunday, September 2, 2012

Design: Weekly Goals (Sept 2-8)

It is September!!!  While I am SO excited for Fall (which won't really hit for another two weeks here in VA, but still), I know that classes are starting to pick up, which will require much more effort and time.  The best thing about Fall, though, is FOOTBALL SEASON!!!  As a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I have my terrible towel ready for the season to begin.

1.  Three Greek Quizzes (vocab and noun endings)
2.  Essay (400 words) and replies to others
3.  Spiritual Growth Plan Results and New Chart (due 9/9)

4.  Menu Plan/Grocery Shopping (and blog!)
5.  Clothes Shopping (for Doug)
6.  Begin Cleaning out the Linen Closet

7.  Consistent Afternoon Workouts (4/6 good, 5/6 great, 6/6 awesome)
8.  Choose Clothing/Pieces for the 30 by 30 Challenge
9.  Follow my Spiritual Growth Plan

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