Saturday, February 2, 2013

Determination: January Goals (Week 5)

It's February!

I just can't believe that 1/12 of the year is completed.  I did pretty well completing my goals for January, and I'm really excited to begin working towards completing February's goals in an effort to continue taking care of myself so that I can care for my family, home, and schoolwork.

Here's how I did this week:

January Goals
1.  Keep from getting sick!
2.  Read Jane Eyre (100-150 pages) -- Only about 80 pages this week :(

3.  Greek -- Aorist Verbs
4.  Finish all DSMN Assignments by Tuesday! -- They were completed by Friday
5.  Work ahead to complete the first Bible Lesson by Saturday -- I decided to work ahead on housework instead of schoolwork this week ;)

6.  Menu Plan (and blog!)
7.  Sort Paperwork (prep for Taxes)
8.  Have all Laundry completed (washed, dried, folded, stowed) by Saturday -- In progress; about half of the laundry is complete ;)

9.  Make it to the Gym 4 times this week
10.  Take a day off to relax ;)

On Monday afternoon, I found myself completed stressed out!  Doug and I prioritized and discovered that the majority of my stress stemmed from our Paperwork not being sorted, filed, shredded, etc.  We spent all day Tuesday gathering, sorting, filing, and shredding all of our paperwork (including emptying out our file box   to keep only the documents necessary).  On top of all that, I reorganized some of our paperwork into a Home Management Binder and a Finance Binder, and we created a Mail/Control Center.

Not only has this week been less stressful due to having this organized catch-all paperwork center, it has been such a benefit to help me in cleaning this week!

You can read more about how January Goals turned out here, and learn about my plans for February in this post!

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