Saturday, February 9, 2013

Determination: February Goals (Week 1)

I can't believe we are well into February; it still feels like January to me!  Here's what my weekly goals look like:

February Goals
1.  Add Yoga to my morning routine twice this week -- only once
2.  Wake up each morning by 9 AM -- I was slightly sick for a few days :(

3.  Study Greek Vocabulary and Verb Endings
4.  Complete both Bible Lessons by Saturday -- only one lesson

5.  Menu Plan and Grocery Shopping (and Blog!)
6.  Clean and Organize the Bathroom and Linen Closet -- sickness foiled me again

7.  Make it to the Gym 4 times this week -- evil sickness
8.  Take one day off this week for personal time

As for my February Goals, I have made some progress!

I made progress in each of my Winter Goals (eating breakfast, exercising, get enough sleep and rest)

I am still reading Jane Eyre, but I am more than halfway through!  Dial M for Murder came this week, and I am excited to watch it this week.

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