Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Drive (noun):  a person's will to achieve; gumption, moxie, spunk, vigor

For the last week (more like 8-9 days), I have been fighting the sickness and, therefore, unable to blog about my goals, my meal plans, or anything else!

Well, let's be honest.  For the first 4-5 days I couldn't post because I was fighting the sickness and cramming Greek Verbs into my head.  And then I was fighting the sickness and cleaning my house.  And then I was busy with Doug's birthday weekend (including a house-guest, gifts, reservations, and a mini-party).  Then, as the dust settled (and the coughing continued), I didn't want to get on here and write about menus and goals and plans.

"Whoa.  De didn't want to make lists and plan things?  De didn't want to write and share with others?  This is madness!"  Yes, even I sometimes get tired of my own natural inclination to list out my life.  But, nevertheless, here I am.  Writing a blog.  About my life.  Why?

Drive.  For me it's not that much about gathering readers/subscribers, or being funny/witty, or even having an outlet to share and plan and list things.  It's about following through.  I began a blog in order to work on slowing down my life.  In order to appreciate life to the fullest instead of zooming through it in an effort to succeed.  And to do that, I need to take time to write.  Even if it is a list I review to show myself that I did accomplish something despite slowing down.  Even if it is planning meals so that Doug and I can have "family dinners" during the week.  I do it because I said I would.  I do it because I want to enjoy my life, not "deal with" it.

So, this is me, near the end of February, still working to decelerate my life.  Still trying to find time to take care of myself and watch movies and read books and enjoy nature.  Still intentionally spending time with my friends and husband.  Still fighting the urge to take on a million tasks.

And I call this "drive."  Sometimes it doesn't need to look fast and flashy; sometimes it can be simple, quiet, and slow.

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