Saturday, March 3, 2012


Dynamic (adj): active, energizing, lively

Today is super for three reasons:

1. It's Platypus Day! Platypi are my favorite animals.  I love them because they are playful, protective, and definitely unique -- like me!  Any day devoted to Platypi has to be an awesome day, just saying.

See?  I love Platypi!
2. Sleep.  Today I slept past noon (gasp!).  At first I was really upset with my husband for not making sure I got up (or waking me up), but everyone is more effective and efficient when they are well-rested.  I haven't been this well-rested in ages!!!  Hopefully the time used for extra sleep will be made up by my extra alertness.

3. Reading.  I have successfully completed 20 books!!!  Well, actually I did that two days ago, but I didn't realize until today ;)  I am 1/5 of the way through my reading goal for the year, which is really exciting.  As a treat, I purchased three new books (on my Nook), but I am trying to save those as a reward for finishing my classes next week.  Well, I may crack into one of them early ;)

These may seem like little things, but the little things are worth celebrating!  What little thing makes your day?  Are you excited about Platypus Day?

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