Sunday, March 18, 2012

Determination: March Update

I cannot believe March is more than half over!  This month has just been CRAZY!  After pushing through the last two weeks of classes, this last week of Spring Break seemed more like a long nap than a week off ;)

Doug and I were just spent, so we used this time off from school to sleep in, watch more TV, watch some movies, and read more!  As many of you know, I often find myself reading a few books at a time (normally two or three; a record six at once), so this is no surprise to you.  Overall, we were just able to spend more time together this week -- we may not remember everything, but it was a great opportunity to build our relationship even more ;)

We also were able to plan some vacation time for the year over Break.  This was one of our many "Making Memories" goals; we are so thrilled to be able to attend the weddings of many of our friends and family, as well as spend time with both sides of our family and have a few days to celebrate our one year anniversary!

I am still hoping to get some pictures of our nearly completed Scrapbook up for you; we will still need 20-30 more pages just to catch up!  I am already excited to begin my Spring cleaning next month, hopefully lightening up our apartment for Spring and Summer, cleaning out our closets, and getting some windows open!  Even more so, I am excited to eat fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and visit the Farmer's Market!!!

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