Sunday, March 31, 2013

Document: March

After March came swooping in, disrupting life here with flat tires, snow storms, and big projects, it is finally leaving "like a lamb" with Spring finally here!  Even though March was pretty jam-packed, I'm a little sad to see it end; it marks the end of my 2013 Winter Goals, allowing me to evaluate the last three months and prepare for 2013 Spring!!!

2013 Winter Goals
Back in January, I set out goals for myself which encompassed four area of my life that I wanted to improve upon this year, the first being to take care of myself and be healthy; this centered on eating habits, exercise, sleep habits, and personal time.

I started out slowly in January, made progress in February, and had a handle on my "daily priorities" in March.  While there is definite progress, this is still an area where I am constantly struggling!  Sometimes it seems selfish to take intentional time for yourself, but it is necessary in order to live a balanced and fruitful life.  If I can do it, so can you!

Here are some differences I have made in the last three months:
-- I am eating breakfast regularly; in fact, I often wake up hungry!
-- I am eating more "whole foods" and more produce than processed or packaged snacks
-- I am drinking water instead of soda, juice, and sports drinks
-- I am taking time to exercise and be active daily (well, nearly daily)
-- I have successfully adjusted my sleep times, which is really difficult!
-- I have personal time each day, and I am taking a "Sabbath" each week

Other Goals
While I am a bit behind on my reading goals, I am working through Great Expectations and ready to read Emily Dickinson's poems.  My movie-watching has been less successful; Dial M for Murder seems to have a permanent home in its Netflix case.  Hopefully I can remedy that soon.  One of the best things I did this month was to read a Proverb a Day.

Our trip to PA was great even though it was pretty busy.  It had been nearly a year since our last visit, so it was definitely time for us to see friends and family!  Though that trip took up half of Spring Break, I was still able to have ample down time and relaxation during our time off school ;)

Moving Forward
For the next three months (Spring 2013) I will be working on my relationships, specifically working for quality and ways to strengthen and sustain my friendships and family relationships.  April is full of celebrations, including a baby shower and a wedding!  Doug and I are taking some extra time off for the wedding to enjoy Baltimore's Inner Harbor and the DC Zoo ;)

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