Saturday, November 3, 2012

Design: Weekly Results (Oct 28-Nov 3)

This week has been extra busy for both of us!  I had a lot of schoolwork to make up after spending Wednesday cooking and prepping for the Halloween Party, and Doug has had extra things going on at work since the NY office is still recovering from Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy this week.

1.  Two Greek Quizzes
2.  Reading, 200+ pages
3.  Essays, 400 words each, and replies -- working on those tomorrow
4.  John Exam

5.  Menu/Grocery Shopping (and blog!) -- due to the storm, Doug made a side trip over the weekend for extra food, so no shopping and a random menu for the week
6.  Prep for Halloween Party!!!
7.  Cleaning and Laundry

8.  Enjoy time with friends (and not get bogged down hosting!)
9.  Quality Time with Doug

Today it finally hit me that...
-- Thanksgiving (for us)/Thanksgiving Break is in TWO weeks
-- Christmas Baking/Shopping begins in FOUR weeks
-- Classes end in just under SIX weeks
-- Christmas is in SEVEN and a HALF weeks
-- 2013 begins in just over EIGHT weeks


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