Sunday, February 5, 2012


Dwell (verb):  inhabit, occupy, settle

February = Stuck.  There are several reasons why I am feeling like a stick in the mud this week:

1. Lack of concrete accomplishments.  I read dozens of books in January, but I have not finished one book yet this month.  I have hit my first weight-loss plateau (the dreaded almost-five-pounds-but-not-quite mark).  I have unaccomplished cleaning left over from January, and I have not started on my scrapbooking/picture organizing for February.  I have started classes and have done well thus far, but I have had no landmark project or paper yet.

2. The second sweep of winter.  Every year there are those few warm days/weeks.  At first, you live in denial believing that it is a fluke.  Eventually, you note the consistency of warmth.  You are inevitably drawn outside; you even switch to Spring clothes/colors.  Then, like a slap in the face, the temperature drops overnight and cruelly taunts your belief that Spring had come.  Cloudy, I can handle; freezing, I cannot.

3. Planning Lull.  All the holiday planning (which was fun) and travelling (which was horrid) is over.  There is a lull of time before which I can move into Valentine's Day planning, Doug's birthday planning, and Spring Break planning giving me nothing to plan.  What is going to occupy my time if I have nothing to plan?  I blame this partly on the lack of a Superbowl party (Doug works during it.), which would have given me something for which to plan.  At least tomorrow begins Valentine's season.

I felt so stuck that I had trouble even thinking of an adequate "D" word for this blog post and had to use a thesaurus.  As I looked at the synonyms, I noticed a lot of the words portrayed stability, which is something very positive.  I began considering my "stuckness," and decided that it is actually proof of my deceleration!  For once, I am not juggling everything in my life in an attempt at normalcy -- I am actually settling into normalcy!  

I guess the point is that when life feels mundane, it is truly a blessing.  It means there are no emergencies, there is a lack of chaos, and things are (probably) going well.  It means that you are not rushing to meet deadlines, nor are you stressed and tired for overwork.  It is the land of the happy medium, the eye of the storm, and the bottom of the pendulum swing.  It is the gift of peace.

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