Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Diverted (verb):  turned a different direction, took attention away

The word of the month is definitely "diverted!"  Between Valentine's Day, being sick, Doug's 25th birthday,  house guests, and classes coming to a close, I have barely had time to think!!!  Remember when I was bored and had nothing to do, and I had the audacity to complain about the lull in my life.  Yeah, I don't think I will EVER complain about being bored again.

It's always hard to explain to people what exactly I do.  Technically, I have a job that reimburses me through Scholarship money for Grad School (= free Masters' degree).  This "job," however, is a work-from-home job in that I pick up papers, quizzes, and homework to take home and grade.  I keep track of all assignments and the gradebook on my computer at home.  I administer the Exams for the class, which is my only real outside work.  I added on tutoring prior to quizzes and Exams as a way to be more involved, but that only takes about an hour every two weeks (on average).  So, if my "job" only takes up about 3-4 hours per week (5-6 on a busy week), what else do I do.  Well, I guess you could say I am a stay-at-home-wife.  I had finances, grocery shopping, cleaning, correspondence, cooking, and everything else that goes into running the house.  Doug is very helpful (He is officially in charge of laundry.), but the bulk of keeping our lives running normally is on my plate.  Other then my "real" job and my "other" job, I am a full-time student.  Currently, I am taking two "senior level" Grad classes (online) over an 8-week period.  This means, not only am I expected to maintain enough discipline to monitor my own learning, but the classes are done in "double time" -- residential students will cover this material in 16 weeks instead of our shortened 8 weeks.  Add on church, going to the gym, spending time with Doug, time with friends, blogging, and personal time -- I am officially out of time!  Normally I am able to balance all of this, but it only takes the slightest breeze to demolish a house of cards...

When I made the decision to decelerate my life, I tried to give up the non-necessities and time-wasters in order to make the most of my time and enjoy life.  I failed to consider how diversions would affect deceleration.  Just because I re-prioritized doesn't mean other people did!!!  Plus, all the planning in the world is ineffective when facing an unforeseen issue -- like being sick during the week you were planning to work ahead in classes.  Like having to catch up on work you missed due to illness during a week that you have guests staying for 6 out of 8 days (and when you are throwing your husband's birthday party).  Needless to say, my life and time in February was diverted!!!

If nothing else, this experience has taught me to take control of my time and my schedule instead of allowing circumstances and other people to dictate it.  Having priorities is useless without living based on those priorities.  I am trying to reclaim my time (to make the most of it) during these last two weeks of classes, but I am hoping that Spring Break will give me time to reevaluate, rejuvenate, and reestablish my life!!!

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