Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Determination: February Update

My 12 in 2012 goal for February was to get our Scrapbook up-to-date and get our pictures organized.  We were blessed to get many picture frames for our house, which are all filled (minus one for which I am still trying to find a picture) and placed/hung in our apartment.  On top of this, I was able to fill our scrapbook with pages depicting our Freshman year of college (when we met) through our wedding and a bit of our honeymoon... when I ran out of pages.  So I did pretty well, right?

The opening page of our Scrapbook
Well, I have 7 months worth of pictures to add to the scrapbook (including pictures of our apartment, our honeymoon, extra reception, my mother-in-law's wedding, the birth of our niece, and holidays) AND four paintings left to hang.  That was my mountain to climb for February.  Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I had a hard time diving into February.  Unfortunately, I did not use that free time wisely and instead felt sad because I had run out of things to do.  Now, I have papers, projects, Valentine's Day (which is over, but still took time and effort), and Doug's birthday to keep me occupied; add babysitting my niece, tutoring sessions, and house guests, and you are left with zero time!

Well, fortunately I found a little time to buy extra pages and some additional paper to start working on the Scrapbook.  I still need to get a few disposable cameras developed, but I am ready to start working!  As far as hanging paintings goes, I have to wait for Doug to have some time to help me place and hang the pictures.  Hopefully I will have some Scrapbook pages and hanged paintings to show you in a few weeks!

Blank pages added

Lots of color and patterns to make it special; plus, I'm a big fan of polka-dots!

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