Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Diversion (noun): entertainment, recreation

Today begins the weekend for Doug and I, which means we can finally take a break from everything else to relax a bit. It is the day that we can finally watch whatever we have from Netflix (currently: How to Train your Dragon)or some other movie or TV show we've been meaning to watch, play games, eat good food, and just do nothing for a day. Tuesdays are definitely my favorite.

Now Wednesday is a different story. Because Tuesday is our official slack-off day, Wednesday becomes our official guilt-day, full of "I should have worked on more homework," "I should have done laundry," "I should have used my time more wisely instead of playing Frisbee Golf for 4 hours." Then Wednesday is spent in stress and terror of not being able to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

This week, however, we will not succumb to this on-set Wednesday guilt. Not only is taking a day off (a Sabbath, if you will) necessary for the human mind and body to continue growing and functioning normally, my lazy Tuesdays are, in fact, one of the only parts of my "former" life of accelerated frenzy that was actually beneficial to de-stressing and decelerating my life. So, now I'm off to enjoy myself!

P.S. I am reporting back (on Thursday) to let you know that I spent most of Wednesday calm, cool, and collected. I hit a brief "oh-my-word-look-at-my-to-do-list" incident Wednesday afternoon, but it subsided. (Hey, it's hard to quit worrying cold turkey!) I do have a lot that needs to be done, but I have four days. I think that has been the biggest issue for me -- my deadlines are Sundays and Mondays, not Fridays and Saturdays, giving me more time than I think I have during my guilt-ridden Wednesdays. Result: Tuesday was a successful diversion!

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