Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Decision (noun): a determination arrived at after consideration

Four months ago I married my best friend. Life just hasn't stopped since then!!! After the wedding and the honeymoon, we barely had time to settle in before our social calendar was filled up through Thanksgiving with Bridal Showers, weddings, baby showers, weekend guests, visiting a friend in the hospital, and several parties (for holidays or just to see friends). Before we knew it, the holidays were coming, and we had barely had time to ourselves.

I feel that living a lifestyle like this -- full on, 100 miles an hour -- keeps a person from being able to have true joy and gratitude. There is no stopping to appreciate the changing fall leaves, the first frost, a great parking space, or any of the other little things that come into our lives. Therefore, I have made a decision to slow down and enjoy these things now, to make a habit out of being grateful for life and the joys it brings.

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